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Twitter: splixel

Discord: DM me on twitter, I'll send you an invite. I use this for logging progress in the game and general stuff, post my art there, whatever.


I was actually working on a hex editor with tile-viewing (ROM Hacker) before this game. Before I lost internet, I was playing a ton of RPG-MO, so maybe it was the withdrawl, but that was months ago, but I actually took the concepts of this game from a dream. I dream rarely, but that dream was fun as shit and I didn't want to wake up, so when I did, I wrote it all down. It's changed a good deal since then, there was no gathering or crafting, all the skills were combat related, and battles were more traditional RPGlike in the dream. The original idea was, you run through a dungeon with a fixed amount of enemies, get enounters, your skills would auto tick down and have their own progress bars, upgradable from rare items, Skill Bottles. The field was just where you ran through to get to the dungeon. I decided make the skills utility related very early on in development, as I thought it'd make for a more interesting, varied game. I think I made the correct choice. I didn't realize it until it was too late, but I basically took Runescape/RPG-MO and turned it into a single player idle game.

This game was written ontop of, and using assets from, a demo that's about 90% complete, called Dirty Bumper. It's an exploration-based top-down action RPG with combat similar to the Ys games. Most of the graphics come from that game, and the graphics code is mostly from a library I wrote for love while developing that demo.

Everything should be explained well in game by talking to the various NPCs, or be very obvious, but I might have missed something. If something seems complicated (I tried to make it all really simple) let me know by email <>

All the NPCs in the game offer both flavor text and helpful information, as does idling in town.

This readme is meant to explain basic concepts, incase anything is unclear, not to be an entire game guide.

Game Flow/How to Play:

if you tap/click the screen, or press the space bar, you charge your aura power by a little bit. when the aura is active, almost every cooldown in the game goes at double speed, some actions are more likely to trigger.

If something is highlighted when you mouse over it, you can click it. Clicking skills will give you an explanation of what they do, clicking actions does them, whatever.

The game has keyboard controls. Up/Down to navigate the action menu, Z to activate an action, and spacebar to charge aura. The keyboard concept was mostly dropped, although if I give the game a steam release, I'll make everything navigable possible with keyboard/gamepad.

Every area except the dungeon gains experience every frame just by you being there. The dungeon only levels up when you clear it.

Area levels, in general, help you do things better, or faster, in that area. The town level helps town regen and charisma events, field level will make you explore faster, smithy levels let you smith faster, etc.

You also have a Character level, and a Class level. Character level goes up from killing enemies. Class level goes up by 1 when you find a successor.

A higher character level means better HP/Attack/Defence

A higher class level means the class special ability will be more effective

You have 8 basic skills, that gain experience when being used. Higher level = faster skill usage, better success rates, and for Mining, Smithing, Jewelry, Fishing, and Cooking, you unlock new stuff at levels 20 and 40.

There are 6 Rebirth skills, the only way to level these up is by finding a successor, or buying a skill scroll from the gem shop.

So, the flow and point of the game? Make numbers bigger! Level up your character, learn some skills and level those up, train a new character, who will inherit your skills, and do it all over again until you're satisfied.

Aura mechanics

auratimer (aura charge) goes down each frame.

tapping charges the aura by a random value, the max of which is upgradable

aura charge has a max - this is upgradable in the shop. the aura will always go down at the same speed, meaning a higher max charge will let you not-tap the screen more.

I'm considering making the Auror skill lower the aura decay speed, but it's unlikely.

Gem Shop:

The gem shop is effectively the cash shop, although right now I don't have any way to accept payment. The alpha build will start you off with a few thousand gems. I recommend buying a skill scroll so you can test out every skill, but it's your call on how to use them.

You can also gain gems ingame from rare events. Charisma events, the rarer treasure chests, and explore events are the main way to gather them.

You can buy skill bottles with the gems, or material packs. Or you can change your aura color.


Town:Healing and Charisma events

Shop:upgrade your aura, buy buffs, garunteed location for Mining, Smithing, and Jewelry skills

Smithy:Forging and Jewelry location

Kitchen: Cooking location

Field:Exploration location, quite a large amount of events. Scavenge unlocks more events, you can also find skill traders with random skills here, and this is where you go to find your successor to rebirth. Campable

Dungeon: This is the farmable treasure chest location, but it increases in floors each time you clear it. You can also mine here. Campable.


Camping:Restores an amount of HP based on its level, and your max hp. Cooldown gets lower as it gains levels

Mining:gathering skill for forging and jewelry

Forging:make bars, upgrade your weapons/armor for an attack/defence bonus. this bonus is seperate from your base stats and hidden, but wont affect buffs

Jewelry:make bars, make jewelry, it gets sold immediately. This skill is intended to gather money

Fishing:gathering skill for cooking

Cooking:cook food, eat it to give yourself a natural regen boost in dungeons/field, or trade it to chel for a chance of items

Charisma:random NPCs will visit your town, possibly giving you stuff.

Scavenger:you'll find new events in the field, including events that boost your max hp, give you experience to other skills, and whatnot


Dungeoner:dungeon floors are shorter by 1 enemy per level, but enemies also get stronger (in the field as well). maxed at 5

Auror:your aura has a chance to auto-trigger, letting you do things faster while idling. I haven't decided what the max for this should be

Learning:all EXP you gain is increased by 10% per level, maxed at 5

Weaponmaster: you gain +10% attack per level

Armormaster: you gain +10% defence per level

Lovely:upon rebirth, your character level, and all area levels, except the dungeon, are increased by 1 per level. This will allow you to do things faster immediately, and get through dungeons earlier

Smithing formulas:

copper + tin bronze bar

iron iron bar

iron + coal steel bar

Skill Bottles:

You can learn or level skills with skill bottles at the shop, or from random tradesmen in the fields.

If you don't know a skill, using a skill bottle is required to learn it.

If you already have a skill learned, using a skill bottle on it will level it up by 1. I'm considering making very high level skills take more than 1 skill bottle.

Gamble Coins:

The original idea was watch ad = garunteed better treasure chest. Kongregate is my first target for the game, and they're not offering the whole ad thing anymore, though. Maybe for mobile!

Gamble coins let you re-roll a treasure chest before opening, and possibly other future events. each time you use a gamble coin on a chest, the minimum roll will go up a bit. Gamble coins don't garuntee a better result, but they do give you a better chance at a better result.


Premium currency. Only usable in the Gem Shop, you can buy good things. Small amounts of gems can be find from events and treasure chests, so the premium items aren't entirely cash-locked if you play enough. Cash/Gems ratio is undecided as of yet.


Classes level up by 1 on rebirth.

At levels 5 and 10, classes get new titles, possibly new abilities

max class level is 10

Base classes

Thief: High attack, low defence, (10% + class level) dodge chance in combat

Warrior: High HP, (10% + class level) critical hit chance in combat.

-- unimplemented classes

Tourist - low stats, will randomly enter the field or dungeon after a set time, if in town with full HP. At levels 5 and 10, base stats go up.

Wizard - low defence, attacks inflict bleed at (10% + class level), each strike dealing more damage per hit.

Priest - low attack, high defence and HP, will skip an attack to heal every (20 - class level) attacks.

Lancer - very high attack, low defence, low hp. will jump, giving garunteed dodge every (20 - class level) attacks

Shaman - low stats, but starts battles with a totem that will absorb (10% + class level) of your HP.

Dark Mage - high attack, low defence, attacks inflict a random status effect at (5% + .5 * class level)

Gambler - stats are distributed randomly, skill is Lucky - all die rolls get increased.

NPC classes -

undecided on how to unlock them, or if they'll just be very rare

Young Man

Young Woman



Bunny (Merchant)

Smithy (Blacksmith)

Chel (Chef)

Old Man

Old Woman

Beastman citizen

Beastwoman citizen

* Monster classes -

undecided if they'll have skills, possibly just high stats

every monster you face will have a chance to be shiny, killing a shiny monster will unlock that monster as a possible successor

Planned Features:


More events: I want at least 100 outcomes from exploring with scavenging, and a good deal more charisma events

More classes: 2 isn't very many classes, I'd like to have at least 4 classes for launch, and maybe monster classes

Fishing: should be able to, rarely, fish up gold or other items

Mining: Ore is already very valuable, but maybe a rare gem chance

Cooking: More food trading results

Offline progress

Daily Rewards - Every day you get a chest containing Gold, Gems, Gamble Coins, or (every 10 days) Skill Bottles

**** Proofread and adjust all status text, some of it is likely outdated


Being able to actually buy gems

Launching Publically on the following platforms, in order:

Kongregate Launch

Android appstore release

Steam release (Win/Mac/Linux)

iOS release

Variants on monsters:

Large mob stat boost

Small mob stat nerf

Shiny mob class learned when killed

Smart mob crits sometimes

Dumb mob misses sometimes

Greedy mob carries a random item, any item from copper to skill bottles


Double/Triple auras

being able to overcharge the aura past 100%/200% etc would give a super aura, making the aura more effective during its timespan.

this would require some sort of rare item to unlock, similar to skill bottles to unlock skills for the first time, and would level up through the same rare item

Far off:

Far off being, at least post kongregate launch, possibly post-all platform release. Working on this stuff depends on the game's reception.


pet will follow you around, and give some sort of boost



new town area, will hold more shops, npcs, and skill locations



run into trees until they fall over, get wood


upgrade any area, will require wood, possibly monster drops or items


move faster between areas. swim, climb, jump, tiptoe to new areas


pick locks, steal from enemies, better loot rolls on chests


transmute materials into new materials, add status effects to your attacks, conjure gold, whatever

Network Multiplayer

bottom left area will be chatbox

item market - buy/sell resources for gems or gold - With no real equipment or tools, this is doubtful

party dungeons - join up with friends to take down a dungeon

friends can visit town, encounters in field, will give positive events

with no map movement, and the small screen space, it's hard to think of what to add, but i do think multiplayer helps this sort of game immensely. This is a very far-off idea, probably best kept for a sequel with a larger game screen, if the reception for this game is well-recieved enough.


I think I've covered everything here! Remember the game is currently super alpha, but send any bug reports, comments, observations, complaints, compliments, or bags of cash to me via your contact method of choice. Any input is helpful, even if its "I dont like chel"


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if this is an idler, it would help if it adjusted for off-tab time when returning to the tab.